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Old-Fashioned Team Building Never Looked So Good

China is moving swiftly toward algorithmic governance.  Among other things, this means that faces of jay walkers and people who are late in their payments are projected on billboard-sized screens, for everyone to see.

If this causes you to cringe, pay attention because corporate America is not far behind. Take a look at Yva, for example. The tag line for this HR tool is “Reading employees’ minds is hard. But not impossible. Thanks to AI.”

When a company uses this AI tool, it hands over access to all employee email and other electronic communication. Yva analyzes millions of data points in order to: detect and predict interpersonal conflicts; alert the manager if a one-on-one meeting must take place; create resignation probability charts; alert each employee about how to improve his or her performance; and the list goes on.

I agree with Yva’s statement “There is nothing more valuable than trust between employees and management in a company,” but can only imagine that utilizing Yva brings about the opposite.

When it comes to creating and sustaining a positive work culture, old-fashioned human-to-human team building activities never looked so good.

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